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At Curated Living, we are preserving, restoring, and elevating affordable and mixed income housing solutions in communities that are often overlooked and underserved. 

We work tirelessly to build and achieve a stronger future through developing housing solutions that support community wellness and economic sustainability. - block by block, apartment by apartment. 

We invest capital creatively and offer customized development services to meet the unique needs of each property and the property partners. 


Curated Living is a 501(c) (3) non-profit that specializes in creative problem-solving to develop quality, affordable housing solutions.

We address critical housing needs in targeted areas and underserved populations.

We are committed to preserving and improving our nation’s aging supply of affordable housing.

We believe safe, healthy, and quality living environments should be available and affordable to everyone as the foundation of a community’s economic, social, and cultural vitality.


Our mission is to foster the development and preservation of affordable housing and establishing relationships with residents to identify and curate specific, sustainable housing solutions in communities that are often underserved and overlooked.

We hold a strong determination and passion to serve low to moderate income households to increase their access to resources and improve their quality of life. We are experienced in developing along a spectrum of rental housing types, including single family, multi-family, permanent and transitional housing.

We are adept at using multi-layered financing from public and private agencies and transform how public agencies tackle complex and costly problems by coordinating targeted supportive housing solutions.

We work with communities to shift public resources in a way that lightens the burden on systems, reduces public costs and improves outcomes for the people most in need.


Our Team

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Veanda J.

Executive Director


Quincy W.

Project Manager

Proyek 1 1 1 68_1.png

Brittany T.


Proyek 1 1 1 76_1.png

Louise I.

Housing Coordinator

Proyek 1 1 1 69_2.png

Bradley J.

Chief Financial Officer

Proyek 1 1 1 77_2.png

Vern G.

Outreach Coordinator

Proyek 1 1 1 71_3.png

LaQuesha G.

Housing Director

Proyek 1 1 1 72.png

Ashley R.

Housing Coordinator

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PO Box 6616

Jackson, MS 38282

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