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Sustainable Foundation(s) Program

Sustainable Foundation(s) program offers residents’ quality of life and wellness at the forefront, while also providing the necessary resources for them to establish long-term self-sustainability. Good economic development is about building places that benefit everyone, where everyone has access to jobs and opportunities, and where the economic benefits are distributed more evenly. Far too often where we live has a direct impact on the environment we get to enjoy, the level of safety we experience, and the opportunities we have.

We believe that a quality standard of living is vital to human health and that zip codes should never be the greatest determinant on anyone’s health. The program’s interdisciplinary approach prioritizes health (with a focus on the glaring disparities) in every aspect of our built environment, from the buildings that we live and work in, to the open and green spaces we have access to, and the transportation options that we provide to all people.

The Sustainable Foundation(s) program places a specific focus on incorporating innovative technology and software into the respective properties that is easily accessible by residents and members of their respective communities.


Curated Living ensures that all property rehabs have a dedicated budget for energy efficiency upgrades.

Selecting sustainable building materials and implementation of energy conservation measures:

Window/door replacements

Weatherproofing and air sealing

Energy Star appliance upgrades

Motion sensor and LED lighting

Efficiency boiler, low flow water fixtures and ventilation/air quality improvements

  • Engage state regulatory agencies and energy consultants to monitor project performance and energy savings

  • Reducing landfill waste during construction by redirecting recyclable materials back to the manufacturing process and re-using materials where possible

  • Preserving the environment during construction with smart site selection: We minimize site disturbance and give preference to sites with proximity to services so that automobile usage is reduced

  • Minimizing water usage through the use of native plantings and water conserving technology

  • Educating the community of green building features and strategies

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