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Curated Living actively acquire affordable, single and multi-family residential and mix use properties.

We have extensive experience with:

Affordable Housing Preservation

Serve an underserved population – low income individuals, larger families, etc.

Supportive Housing

Use financing that requires long-term affordability

Rual Development

Affordable, but need extensive rehab to become safe, decent, and in good repair

Serve people that were formally homeless

Mixed-use, mixed-income


Integrate supportive housing into an existing development

We offer a full spectrum of development services to create single and multi-family developments that are sustainable and attractive. We will own and/or offer development consulting services for any project that services low to moderate income households.  Our staff can manage an entire development project or only roles needed to complement a larger development team.

Curated Living’s role in projects typically includes:

Feasibility analysis

Financing application preparation

Project Structuring

Recommending and coordinating with professionals (e.g. architects, engineers, lawyers, sustainability consultants, etc.)

Determining what physical improvements should be made

Management of the closing process of financing

Oversight of construction

Development process coordination


Step 1: Collaborate

We will discuss at length the mission of your organization and its priorities for the property, the onsite staff and the residents to ensure that our proposal and the project itself will meet the needs of the organization and the community.


Step 4: Construction

As the developer and in close collaboration with your organization, Curated Living will lead the selection of the development team, secure financing, finalize the scope of work and oversee tenant meetings to ensure that all stakeholders are prepared for upcoming renovations.


Step 2: Diligence

We will request to review financials and to visit the site in order to present your organization with a curated proposal with accurate assumptions regarding the financing and scope of work required to achieve the project’s goals.


Step 5: Execution

Curated Living works hand in hand with management to create and execute a tenant relocation plan in addition to directly overseeing all onsite construction throughout the entire renovation period.


Step 3: Partnership

Curated Living will work closely with your organization to finalize the partnership terms and to ensure that all parties are comfortable with their roles in the project moving forward and with the proposed timeline.


Step 6: Stabilization

Curated Living remains involved post-construction as a partner and co-owner, offering asset management and support for the property management staff throughout stabilization and compliance.

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Jackson, MS 38282

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